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Fall 2014

Sweat, Cinder Blocks and Entrepreneurship Feature

Sweat, Cinder Blocks, and Entrepre­neur­ship

In El Salvador, a Babson team travels to the village of Getsemani, where they help build not only houses but also confidence by sharing their business knowledge with residents. Team members hope to leave a lasting mark on the community. Getsemani, in turn, leaves its mark on them. Has related video

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In November 2010, Leah Hurley ’02 was working in her office when she received an email from her mom. “I saw the Bangor Daily News article about Matt and Chris,” her mom wrote, “and I hope you’re OK.” Has related video

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Challenging Perceptions

James Bradford is a self-described history geek. So is his father. “My dad is a doctor, but if he wasn’t a doctor, he would have been a history professor,” says the lecturer in the History and Society Division. …

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When Hunger Hits Home

Mason Wartman ’10 usually runs the register at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, the shop he opened in the Center City area of Philadelphia this January. He keeps the menu simple: A slice of cheese pizza costs $1; additional toppings are 50 cents each. Sodas …

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Small Talk with Theresa Christy

As a child, Theresa Christy, MBA’88, liked solving puzzles. During dinner, she and her five siblings would figure out word problems posed by their math-loving father. In college, she studied math and economics. Then in 1986, she took a job at …

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The Intersection of Form and Function

Designer Andy Johnson, MBA ’11, is inspired by challenges. For example, he doesn’t have a lot of space for furniture. But he needed a coffee table, and he wanted something comfortable to put his feet on at the end of the day. So he created …

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Not Your Typical Road Trip

For many students, the college road trip is a memorable way to see the country and have fun. But eight Babson MBA students hit the road last summer for a challenging six-week journey devoted to sharing their expertise with small-business owners …

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The Perfect Meal

If you could feast on any foods you wanted, what would be on the menu? And just as important—who would be there to share it with you?

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Exploring Entrepreneurship and Culture in Israel

Emily Levy ’16 views Israel as a startup nation. So when looking for a summer internship that would combine the challenges of entrepreneurship with interna-tional travel, Levy contacted the Boston office of Onward Israel to help her find a job …

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Juggling Priorities

Specializing in one sport is common among today’s student athletes. As such, many spend their summers playing in competitive leagues. But soccer player Avika Shah ’15 had other aspirations. As a member of the women’s soccer team, she needed to …

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Stepping Up to New Challenges

To many on the Babson campus, Fred Nanni is a warm, familiar presence. For more than 21 years, he has contributed to the College community as a professor, researcher, mentor, and forward thinker. Now, as the recently appointed provost, he plans …

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A Patchwork of Memories

As Babson students can attest, free T-shirts are a part of college life, so much so that figuring out what to do with them can be tough. “At some point, your drawers start to overflow,” says recent graduate Jennifer King ’14, who kept all her …

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Walking the Walk

In this issue of Babson Magazine, senior editor John Crawford writes about traveling with a Babson team to the village of Getsemani in El Salvador to help Habitat for Humanity build a home. Under the guidance of the Office of Faith and Service, …