The Ultimate Entrepreneur Makes the Ultimate Gift

Len Green

As the world changes in previously unimaginable ways, taking action is more important than ever.

Just ask Len Green, Babson Professor of Entrepreneurship, esteemed entrepreneur and consultant, and expert in creating impact through direct action.

In his Babson courses—Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge, Family Business, and Apprentice are beloved by many—Green strives to prepare students for the challenges they will face in the real world, proving to be an essential part of their Babson learning experience.

“Professor Green is the embodiment of the important interplay between teacher and practitioner —‘Mr. Thought and Action’” says President Stephen Spinelli Jr. MBA’92, PhD. “And, of course, Len’s unique personality and style creates intrigue and wonderment in his classroom.”

He challenges these entrepreneurial leaders to think differently, network, take calculated risks, outwork and outthink the competition, and always give back.

When it comes to giving back, Green leads by example. Together with his wife, Lois, Green made a $5 million commitment to Babson through the Leonard and Lois Green Charitable Foundation. This extraordinary gift made during a time of uncertainty—not just at Babson, but around the world—makes it all the more significant.

“Green’s gift is an investment in the idea that seeing the world in a different way—and acting on that vision—has a positive influence on the human condition,” said Spinelli. “He proudly believes Babson students are the standard bearers of a better world.”

A Passion for Giving Back

Green has a passion for sharing his expertise with students—particularly at Babson. “Babson has students who can go out into the world and change it. They have the ability to think outside the box. There’s no stopping them,” he says. “The caliber of students we have at Babson is amazing. We get the best from all over the world and teach them—using real world case studies—how to solve problems, make Rocket Pitches, work in teams, and create products and services that produce value.”

Green says the community is what inspires him to give back. “Being part of the Babson family has been challenging, exciting, and invigorating. I welcome the opportunity to invest in students and future entrepreneurship programs to ensure that they both reach their potential.”

An Investment in the Community

Green’s dedication to students has framed his philanthropy. He wants to invest in young people and their entrepreneurial spirit, creating opportunities and funding projects that enable students to take action and learn by doing.

The Green Leadership Program, created through Green’s gift, will provide financial aid to a number of students each year. As a part of the scholarship program, the students will be required to complete community service hours to instill the value of giving back to the community. A portion of Green’s gift also is directed to vital funding toward the College’s cocurricular programs, such as athletics, community outreach, eTower, internships, alumni support, and other related projects.

He considers his gift an investment in not just the College, but the community. “When you give to a scholarship fund, you’re supporting a student who is going to go out and do big things in the world. Your investment is magnified,” he says.

Green is proud of his former Babson students, and believes they have the capacity to change their communities and family businesses through entrepreneurial leadership. He stays up to date on their accomplishments and remains connected to more than 2,000 of his former students on LinkedIn. He encourages his former students, saying, “If Len has helped you, it is your obligation to help someone else.”

Knowing that alumni can make a difference through philanthropy, Green hopes his gift will inspire others to support the college. “I encourage my former students, friends, and clients to join me in this entrepreneurial endeavor. The more people we get involved, the more money coming in, the more we can do for our students, alumni, and mankind. If Babson made a difference in your life, then tell us. Let’s see if we can make a big difference.”

Babson’s Bold Future

Green’s strong convictions about giving back are reinforced by his confidence in Babson’s future. That confidence stems, in part, from his belief in President Spinelli’s vision. “He’s the epitome of an entrepreneurial leader,” Green says. “President Spinelli is someone who understands challenges and knows how to pivot. He is the perfect person to lead us through change and challenges like COVID-19.”

As President Spinelli implements the strategic plan, designed to ensure Babson will thrive in a changing environment, Green’s confidence in him grows even stronger. “He is in a good position to make things happen, and with the support of the Babson community behind him, there is no doubt he will.”


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