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News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

Exterior shot of Tomasso Hall

Remembering the alumni and members of the Babson community who have passed recently:

Gustavo A. Cisneros ’68, H’19, of New York, New York, died Dec. 29. A businessman from Venezuela, he led his family’s company, CISNEROS, for 45 years. He was the first Babson graduate to be inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs in 1981, served on Babson’s Board of Overseers, and was awarded the Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award in 2022.

William F. Markey Jr. MBA’64, H’09, G’19 ’24, of Osterville, Massachusetts, died Dec. 8. He was actively involved in Babson College long after graduating, serving for many years on the Board of Trustees, including as chairman for six years. He also served on several other Babson committees, such as the fundraising and search committees, and the President’s Society. 

Paul G. Schilling MBA’74, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, died Oct. 17. Schilling coached the Babson men’s hockey team for five seasons (1970–1975) and the men’s lacrosse team for three seasons (1971–1974). He was a star hockey player at Boston College and played for Team USA in 1970–1971 and minor league hockey with the Lowell Chiefs for two years.

Richard Nichols Cammett ’49, of Groveland, Massachusetts, Sept. 11  

James Warren Stevenson ’50, of Wilmington, North Carolina, May 28, 2022  

Gordon Scholey Dawson ’51, of Northport, Michigan, March 25, 2022 

Richard Edgar Lucas ’51, P’10, of Marion, Massachusetts, Sept. 3  

Fred Carl Schneeweiss Jr. ’51, of Old Forge, New York, Jan. 1, 2022 

John Balfour Martin ’52, of Wrentham, Massachusetts, May 3, 2022  

Edward L. Croke ’53, of Bellingham, Massachusetts, Feb. 18, 2021  

Kenneth D. Elgart ’53, P’90, of Newton, Massachusetts, Jan. 14, 2022 

Frederick Penn Westman ’53, of Essex, Massachusetts, Oct. 4

Kenneth W. Weeks Jr. ’54, of Bloomfield, Connecticut, Sept. 29 

John Kimberly Mumford Dutton ’56, of Cornwall, New York, Dec. 5 

Charles William Hedrick Jr. ’56, of Auburn, Maine, Oct. 26 

Alan R. Carp ’57, of Bloomfield, Connecticut, Oct. 12 

Joseph Meredith Clarke ’57, of Leesburg, Virginia, Dec. 26 

Jerome M. Scheckman ’57, of New York, New York, Sept. 18

Donald Leo McCarthy MBA’57, of Fairfax, Virginia, Nov. 11 

Stephen Ryder Parkhurst MBA’57, of Peabody, Massachusetts, Jan. 18 

Donald H. Bornstein ’58, of Nevada City, California, Dec. 5, 2021  

Ralph A. Brown ’58, of Fairhaven, Connecticut, Nov. 15

Eugene Peter Collatz ’58, MBA’59, of Nantucket, Massachusetts, March 3, 2023 

John Peter McCurdy ’58, of Lubec, Maine, Oct. 28 

William A. Woodcock ’58, of Sherborn, Massachusetts, Dec. 23 

Thomas Leo Callahan Jr. ’59, of Westfield, Massachusetts, Nov. 15  

Mark Simcha Dronge ’59, of Tenafly, New Jersey, May 11, 2022  

Richard D. Wardell ’59, of Salisbury, Connecticut, Oct. 21 

Emerson Donald White ’59, of Placida, Florida, Oct. 29 

George Rutledge Doran ’60, of Stratham, New Hampshire, Aug. 26  

Anthony James Tiberii Jr. ’61, of Salem, New Hampshire, Oct. 18 

Daniel McCann MBA’62, of Worcester, Massachusetts, Dec. 6

Richard Rodgers Sorensen ’63, of Westerly, Rhode Island, Oct. 27 

David S. Freedman ’64, of Waltham, Massachusetts, June 26, 2021  

Arthur Wayne Roberts ’64, of Jefferson, Vermont, Oct. 13 

Julian Charles Schwab ’64, of Montgomery, Ohio, July 8 

Peter Suydam Hendrickson ’65, of Babylon, New York, Feb. 20, 2023  

Stuart M. Miller ’65, of Branford, Connecticut, June 15, 2021 

James J. Boutilier ’66, of Knoxville, Tennessee, Feb. 1 

Wayne M. Chapman ’66, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, Dec. 14, 2021  

William H. Geller III ’66, MBA’72, of Braintree, Massachusetts, Oct. 11 

Martin V. Murphy ’66, of Falmouth, Maine, Aug. 21  

Stephen Patrick Hayes MBA’66, of Marion, Massachusetts, Sept. 22

Robert Graham King ’67, MBA’74, of Duxbury, Massachusetts, Sept. 15 

Retired Capt. Dene Brian Stratton MBA’67, of Camby, Indiana, Oct. 18 

William J. Mason ’68, of Jensen Beach, Florida, Feb. 14, 2021  

Daniel Ralph Steiger ’68, of Greenville, North Carolina, April 17, 2022  

David S. Paul MBA’68, of Belchertown, Massachusetts, Jan. 17 

Retired Col. William Tunstall Rogerson MBA’68, of Windcrest, Texas, Oct. 8 

Eugene Paul Osborne Jr. ’69, MBA’73, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, July 8 

Alvin Barry Yarsin ’69, of Ponte Vedra, Florida, Dec. 13, 2022 

David K. Harmon ’70, of Tucson, Arizona, Dec. 23 

Mark Steven Azia MBA’70, of Menlo Park, California, July 10, 2021  

Jeffrey Brown ’71, of New York, New York, Jan. 16 

Tomas V. Rodriguez ’71, of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Jan. 15 

Steven George Woodward ’71, of West Reading, Pennsylvania, Oct. 5 

William J. Mahoney MBA’71, of Cape Coral, Florida, June 17 

Edward F. Manion MBA’71, of Grafton, Massachusetts, Nov. 2 

Richard L. Heinrich ’72, of Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Nov. 28 

Richard Arthur Meyer ’72, of Orlando, Florida, Aug. 12  

William Robert Goyette MBA’72, of Venice, Florida, March 17, 2021  

Ernest J. Benoit Jr. MBA’73, of Webster, Massachusetts, Oct. 6 

Ronald J. Kanne MBA’73, of Madison, Alabama, Jan. 16, 2021  

Kevin Kelley MBA’73, of Naples, Florida, Nov. 25 

Joseph Z. Zdrok MBA’73, of Vero Beach, Florida, Dec. 26 

Clark Easterly Jr. ’74, P’96, of Saratoga Springs, New York, Sept. 30 

Bruce David Hambro MBA’74, of Brookline, Massachusetts, Dec. 29 

Dale Arthur Misner MBA’74, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nov. 18, 2022  

Andris E. Spura MBA’74, of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Jan. 30 

Lee Evan Weber MBA’74, of Mesa, Arizona, Dec. 14, 2021 

Alison J. Alessi ’75, MBA’76, of Quincy, Massachusetts, Nov. 20 

Peter Worthing Titus ’75, of Brightwaters, New York, Feb. 7, 2022  

Retired Col. Mark Andrew Beerthuis MBA’75, of Alexandria, Virginia, Sept. 6  

Douglas Graham McCaskey ’76, of Fairfield, Connecticut, Sept. 28 

Pierre Osrik Agnew MBA’76, of Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Nov. 22, 2020 

Robert L. Bendiske MBA’76, of East Hampton, Connecticut, July 1, 2021  

Brian William Longval ’77, of Conway, Massachusetts, Dec. 4, 2020  

Fredda Lynn Rago ’77, of Wethersfield, Massachusetts, April 8, 2021 

Ellen Kelly Dickson MBA’77, of Delray Beach, Florida, Sept. 24  

Alfred Robert Ryan MBA’77, of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Sept. 2  

Baron Manning Hartley Jr. ’78, of Boston, Massachusetts, Aug. 27  

Jack Edward Lewis Jr. ’78, of Merrimack, New Hampshire, Nov. 25 

Alan Stanley Russell ’78, of North Andover, Massachusetts, Jan. 21 

James Charles Miczek MBA’78, of Brookline, Massachusetts, Sept. 23  

Edgar John Thomas Jr. MBA’79, of Milford, Massachusetts, Aug. 31 

Dorothy M. Hurley ’80, of South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, July 29, 2021 

Thomas J. Buckley MBA’80, of Andover, Massachusetts, Nov. 21 

Sarah Blatz Wilkins MBA’80, of Sherborn, Massachusetts, Jan. 3 

Markus T. Krautli ’81, P’12, of Zurich, Switzerland, Oct. 3  

William H. Dow MBA’81, of Auburn, New Hampshire, Nov. 15 

Peter Michael Foster ’82, of Albany, New York, July 22  

Phoebe R. Joseph MBA’83, of Walpole, Massachusetts, Nov. 30 

Marion Morey Meenan MBA’83, of Lincoln, Massachusetts, Oct. 9 

Nancy Morrison Randolph MBA’83, of Maynard, Massachusetts, Sept. 18 

Joseph A. Pond MBA’84, of Framingham, Massachusetts, Dec. 5 

George David Myers ’85, MBA’86, of Orlando, Florida, Jan. 11  

Karin Lindsay Baere MBA’85, of Nyack, New York, Dec. 15 

Salvatore R. Disessa MBA’86, of Lynn, Massachusetts, Jan. 26 

Robert Stoddard Webber MBA’88, of Stoneham, Massachusetts, Nov. 21 

Eric Kevin Purtee ’90, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sept. 27 

Walter Edward Rondeau MBA’91, of Roanoke, Virginia, Aug. 13  

Penny Rubin Ericson MBA’93, of Gloucester, Massachusetts, August  

Chris John Stakutis MBA’93, of Daytona Beach, Florida, Aug. 22  

Tatiana V. Danilenko MBA’95, of Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept. 4 

Marvin R. Fischer MBA’96, of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Nov. 21 

John Patrick Hart ’97, MBA’07, of Concord, New Hampshire, Jan. 18 

Stephen A. Sohn, MD, MBA’97, of Newton, Massachusetts, Nov. 15 

Kristen L. Grossman MBA’06, of Hingham, Massachusetts, Nov. 21 

George Raymond Girardi Jr. MBA’08, of Orange, Massachusetts, Dec. 30 

Camila Maria Valdes ’25, of Guatemala City, Guatemala, Nov. 25 

Charles Alexander Persons II, of Huron, Ohio, Jan. 19, 2021

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