Spring 2020

News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

Exterior shot of Tomasso Hall

Professor Julius Wangila Mukhwana ’74, MBA’75

Professor Julius Wangila Mukhwana ’74, MBA’75 of Victoria, Australia, died on December 14 following a battle with cancer. He is remembered for his philanthropic work in relation to the educating of the underprivileged and disadvantaged, by contributing to libraries being built for schools and within communities that had none. He spent 42 years in academia, teaching in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Australia. He also created, from his own funds, a personal scholarship fund, which he managed and used in the education of several disadvantaged orphans from primary school through university.

Charles Jones ’40, of Charleston, West Virginia, Oct. 20

Walter Klein Mahard ’46, of Southbury, Connecticut, Sept. 1

Parker Hastings ’49, of Weston, Massachusetts, Nov. 24

Thomas Edwin Thornhill ’49, of Charleston, South Carolina, Oct. 28

Kenneth Lane Adam ’50, of Groton, Connecticut, Oct. 23

Edward Stratton Carrier ’50, of West Hartford, Connecticut, Nov. 18

Ronald Armbruster ’51, of Austin, Texas, Nov. 8

Joseph George Schmitz Jr. ’51, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Nov. 23

William Wall ’51, of Farmville, Virginia, Jan. 9

Donald Armbrust ’54, of Rotonda West, Florida, Dec. 9

Bruce Kullman ’56, of Abbeville, Alabama, Jan. 2

Gordon William Robb ’56, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Aug. 4

Kenneth Hamilton Gould ’59, of Exeter, New Hampshire, Nov. 23

Thomas Lee ’59, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, Dec. 14

Robert Guy Schutt ’59, of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Nov. 23

Richard Scribner Clark ’60, of Green Valley, Arizona, July 2

Kenneth Palmer ’60, of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jan. 10

Malcolm Dow ’61, of Dexter, Maine, Aug. 31

Earl Dalrymple MBA’62, of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, Nov. 19

Peter Lovely ’62, of Foxborough, Massachusetts, Sept. 29

George Jerome Rizzo ’63, MBA’64, of Natick, Massachusetts, Dec. 25

Jack Siewert MBA’63, of York, Pennsylvania, Sept. 13

Joel Rudolph ’64, of Rancho Mirage, California, Nov. 29

David Fay MBA’65, of Westborough, Massachusetts, Nov. 16

Charles Newell Cutler ’66, of Lowell, Massachusetts, Oct. 13

Morris Robinson ’66, of Newton Center, Massachusetts, Jan. 25

Marcus Moran Jr. MBA’67, of Westminster, Massachusetts, Dec. 1

Ronald Shamon ’68, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, May 23

Richard Alan Boyd ’70, of Indianapolis, Dec. 15

Anthony Ide Elliott ’70, of Biddeford, Maine, Nov. 30

Thomas Heneghan MBA’70, of Aurora, Illinois, March 10

Brian Keating MBA’70, of Buffalo, New York, Oct. 11

Steven Lowenstein ’72, of Austin, Texas, Jan. 5

Joseph Lynn Paramore George MBA’73, of McDonald, Tennessee, Dec. 12

Paul H. Goldstein MBA ’73, of Norwood, Massachusetts, Nov. 2

Jacob Epstein MBA’74, of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Oct. 2

Bruce Thayer Amsbary MBA’75, of Needham Heights, Massachusetts, Nov. 14

Gert Bahlo MBA’75, of Friendswood, Texas, Sept. 8

Paula Palm ’75, of The Villages, Florida, Jan. 21

Douglas Rainville MBA’75, of Needham Heights, Massachusetts, Oct. 8

James Cathcart II ’76, of Lake Forest, Illinois, Jan. 21

Frederick Holloran MBA’76, of Needham, Massachusetts, Jan. 17

Jay Slocum ’77, of Sterling, Virginia, Dec. 11

Thomas Towle MBA’77, of East Weymouth, Massachusetts, Oct. 6

Steven Cox ’78, of Fayetteville, New York, Sept. 12

Kathleen Ehrensberger MBA’78, of Manchester Center, Vermont, Sept. 3

John Flint MBA’78, of Lexington, Massachusetts, Sept. 6

Sharon Clark MBA’80, of Acton, Massachusetts, Jan. 9

Daniel Markson MBA’83, of San Antonio, May 4

John Sullivan III ’83, of Waltham, Massachusetts, Nov. 16

Peter Doyle ’84, of Portland, Maine, Aug. 27

Janet Soucy Merrill MBA’86, of South Hamilton, Massachusetts, Dec. 7

James Nathan Fawcett MBA’88, of Melbourne Beach, Florida, Oct. 28

Samuel Snead Jr. ’93, of Hillside, New Jersey, Nov. 10

Corey Nelson MBA’99, of Western Springs, Illinois, Dec. 20

Timothy Manchester MBA’08, of Leominster, Massachusetts, Dec. 21

William Arnold MBA’09, of Cranston, Rhode Island, Nov. 17

Donald Brannelly MBA’10, of Amesbury, Massachusetts, Sept. 9

Lawrence Moynihan, of Avon, Connecticut, Oct. 2, 2016

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