How Do You Define Entrepreneurship?


“It’s really a fancy word for do it yourself,” said fashion designer Michael Bastian ’87, owner and president of Michael Bastian Inc.

The Entrepreneurs

In Babson’s most recent brand campaign video series, The Entrepreneurs, Bastian and other alumni explain what entrepreneurship, and being a part of the Babson community, means to them.

“Without entrepreneurship, people would really be stuck in the status quo,” said Archie Seale MBA’08, director of Worldwide Cloud Partner Programs at VMware. “The world needs people to constantly try to look for that next step, whatever it is that’s going to help us get to a better place than we’re in today.”

“The way we were programmed to think is ‘how can we fix this?’” added Brittany Lo ’14, founder of beauty services company Beautini.

And “it doesn’t necessarily have to be starting your own company. It can be a new project within a company,” said Diego Zamora ’12, regional manager of project development at Lafise Group, one of Latin America’s most innovative financial institutions.

Entrepreneurship is an “empowering way of thinking,” shared entrepreneur and designer Ruthie Davis MBA’93. “It’s that you can make a difference. That kind of thinking is so important for any type of job, any type of career.”

All on different career paths, all entrepreneurs. While each may be pursuing different passions, it’s their decision to act that unites them. It also makes them uniquely Babson.

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