Class of 2024: The DEI Educator

Vicole Li MSEL'24 shows off FUSI, the education platform she created to make learning more fun.

Vicole Li MSEL’24 came to Babson College to learn more about all aspects of the entrepreneurial process in America and ended up becoming a prominent contributor to Babson’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. As the vice president of DEI in Babson’s Graduate Student Council, she had a hand in many of the College’s key DEI events such as the International Dinner. She served as operations director of the student-run Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum. She also had the opportunity to assist Dr. Tina Opie with DEI recruitment as well as acting as a teaching assistant for Opie’s DEI classes. Her future plans are to continue working on her startup—a platform called FUSI meant to make education more fun. 

Li reflected on her time at Babson as part of our ongoing series spotlighting the Class of 2024 ahead of the College’s Commencement ceremonies May 11.  

What are your post-graduate plans? 

What I have been doing in the past four years in the States is trying to understand the entrepreneurship system from both entrepreneur and investor perspectives. My priority is to work as a full-time entrepreneur on my startup that I started ideating and exploring since undergrad: FUSI, which means “Empower Thinking” in Mandarin. We are a gamification learning platform to make education fun and fancy for younger generations.  

What is your favorite Babson memory? 

The Graduate Student Council office on the basement floor at Olin Hall is my safe space and the first place that I go every morning. I enjoy working here late into the night and feeling the serenity of Olin Hall. It’s healing to feel a sense of stillness and peace after a busy day. 

Do you have a favorite class or professor? 

Thanks to the connections at GSC, I got the chance to work as a Graduate Assistant with Dr. Tina Opie on a special project of diversity, equity, and inclusion recruiting at Babson. After that, I transitioned to Teaching Assistant (TA) in her two classes with MBA students: Building Inclusive Organizations and Managing People and Organizations. I was impressed by her thoughtful insights and humanity during our first conversation. Dr. Tina is very humble and considerate, and even though she has accomplished so many amazing things, she still insists on hard work and continuous learning. She respects every student’s opinion and listens to and appreciates the feedback and value of different students. Networking and relationship building really takes time, and Dr. Tina makes me realize and confirm that patience and strategy are the key catalysts during this process.

How has Babson prepared you for your career or life? 

  • Be patient. Change and impact take time. Don’t be easily put off by difficulties, challenges and criticism, because growth and comfort don’t exist at the same time. 
  • Be consistent. Entrepreneurship is a branding process. When you are consistent in doing specific things, or have a defined personality type, your values shine through. 
  • Be strategic. Be ready for the trade-offs and learn to do time management. Networking is a long-term process that requires strategy, and it is all about relationship management. People are the main asset of entrepreneurship. 

Do you have any advice for new students? 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail. Fail more, get used to it, and get better every time. 

What makes your cohort special? 

I am from China and 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. We are graduating, celebrating, and embarking on a new chapter in 2024. The Class of 2024 is special because we are Determined, Enthusiastic, and Intelligent (New DEI) like THE DRAGONS! 

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