In New Partnership, Babson Academy Offers Entrepreneurship Education to Ninth- and 10th-Graders

Babson College is partnering with a new innovation-focused academy for middle and high school students to offer a selection of entrepreneurship classes.

Opening last year in Marlborough, Massachusetts, the New England Innovation Academy (NEIA) is working with the College’s Babson Academy for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurial Learning. Babson Academy’s mission is to educate faculty of all kinds in how to teach entrepreneurship.

Babson@NEIA will concentrate on building an entrepreneurial mindset to create a foundation for future learning. NEIA’s ninth- and 10th-graders will learn to navigate uncertainty and communicate effectively with their peers. Through a series of simulations, they will develop the confidence to present their ideas in a concise and compelling manner. Opportunity identification, business models, power pitching, and Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™) will all be a focus.

Babson will draw on the expertise of its faculty from multiple disciplines to develop the classroom content. “We are excited to engage with NEIA and to support learners,” said Amir Reza, dean of Babson Academy and global education at Babson, “as they aspire to become entrepreneurial leaders of the future.”

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