The Babson Community Says Thank You

The Babson community has come together in extraordinary ways to adapt to changing circumstances, and to support one another. Here, we say thank you to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Have a thank you to share? Send it to
Lorien Romito and the Glavin Team

Amir Reza, dean of the Babson Academy for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurial Learning (Babson Academy), writes: “When the Institute of International Education put out a call for nationwide nominations for their International Student Emergency Fund, our colleague, Lorien Romito, Senior Director of International Education, jumped into action and gathered data, interviewed Babson students, and wrote compelling nominations for deserving students. We just learned that one of our students will be supported with these funds. Lorien’s empathetic, action-oriented, competent, and student-centered work inspires the Glavin Office team as she leads her colleagues in managing the complexities of international education during this pandemic. Thank you, Lorien and the Glavin Team.”

The GEM Miami Team

While many initiatives or programs pivoted as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the Babson Miami team and Babson faculty continued to develop a special report on Miami for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

Now available, the report highlights entrepreneurial activity in Miami. And the creation of the report is a reflection of the collaborative nature of the Babson community, even when not physically together.

In recognition of the effort, Debi Kleiman, Executive Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, wrote in an email, “This came out so great! Thank you for all your efforts with this Gustavo [Trindade], it never would have happened without you finding the right folks to collect the data from and keeping it moving forward. Your network was instrumental esp the partnership with eMerge… Thanks also to Donna Kelley for her fast analysis and insightful reporting, she is the GEM ninja.”

The MBA Pricing Strategy Class

In a touching LinkedIn post, Karmveer Singh ’20 celebrated and thanked those in his Pricing Strategy class. Led by Professor Lidija Polutnik, Karmveer’s classmates included MBA students from the classes of 2020 and 2021.

Tia Sapienza

A commitment to students and to the health of everyone—that commitment is one of many reasons Mike Lynch, Senior Director, Athletics and Athletics Advancement, sends a thank you to health hero Tia Sapienza.

“I’d like to thank one of our strength and conditioning trainers, Tia Sapienza, who works part-time for us.  Tia has gone above and beyond the call of duty by providing virtual workouts for our students and for BRAC members during the pandemic.

“In her full time role, Tia is a physical therapy assistant who has been redeployed to the COVID-19 front lines at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she does proning on patients and prepares PPE for physicians and nurses upon exit and prior to entry to the COVID unit. In proning, Tia turns patients who are ventilated to assist their breathing. She also insures that all PPE equipment is utilized, fits properly and then removes soiled garments after treatment. Tia is a true hero of this time and we are grateful to have her with us, particularly during such a challenging time!”

John Florendo

If you’ve watched a community forum, or participated in a webinar, chances are you’ve been impacted by the stellar work of multimedia support specialist John Florendo. For his partnership and collaboration, Florendo received thank yous from Kevin Sullivan, vice president of corporate engagement and off-campus operations, and Phil Knutel, chief information officer.

After partnering with Florendo on a webinar, Sullivan writes, “We could not have had this success with the direct support of John Florendo. Step by step, John worked behind the scenes to ensure a successful outcome. The teamwork displayed by Babson employees especially during these trying times is phenomenal. [The IT team has] been incredible every step of the way. We are very grateful.”

Knutel also celebrated Florendo’s all-star collaboration efforts: “We’re very fortunate indeed to have someone of his caliber–smart, hard working, technically adept, and always focused on ensuring the best possible experience.”

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The Student Affairs Team

In the most recent edition of the Division of Student Affairs newsletter, produced by Erin Freda MBA’14, director of student affairs administration, staff were praised for their efforts in supporting students and one another during this ongoing pandemic, including public safety, residence education, health and wellness, athletics, and BabsonARTS.

She writes: “Thank you to all members of the Student Life team from across departments who came together to assist in the process of moving our students off campus. And a huge shout out goes to the Residence Education staff who live and remain on campus and continue to serve as a resource for those students who still reside at Babson. Orquidia Paulino, Cassie White, Megan DeBolt, Andrew Manchino, Willord Simmons, and Sai Prasad, you rock!

Thank you, public safety, for keeping the Babson community safe during our transition from on campus operations to a remote learning and working environment. And thank you for your continued efforts on campus each day to ensure our remaining students and other essential staff are supported and safe.

Thank you to all members of the Health and Wellness team from across departments who continue to support our students both virtually and on campus.

Thank you, athletics, for your continuous engagement with our student-athletes and ensuring they remain connected with Babson and their teammates.

Thank you, BabsonARTs, for your continued efforts to showcase our students and their work related to the arts in a virtual environment.”

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The Babson Salesforce and IT Teams

In a post on the Salesforce blog, Nancy Doherty, director, Babson Salesforce platform, celebrated the success of a fast-moving Babson initiative in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In her thank you, she writes:

“I am constantly reminded as to why Babson is a special place. We hear it often, and I have been fortunate enough to have many experiences solidify that statement.

“At a time with so much uncertainty, personally and professionally, the Salesforce work we embarked on required an immediate shift in priority, focus, and commitment. At a time when it would have been more than justifiable to vocalize an inability to take this type of ask on, not one person did. With a ‘we’ approach, and a ‘can do’ attitude, our entrepreneurial spirit moved us forward, fully committed and driven to deliver in 48 hours or less.”

“During those 48 hours, I watched the Salesforce team, and many others that helped us with this initiative, truly come together like never before and deliver something that allowed our executive leadership the opportunity to continuously monitor the “pulse” of our student and faculty community during this unprecedented time.

“Recognizing we have continuously delivered on many Salesforce initiatives over the past two years, this delivery was different and our ability to build on our foundations as Agile practitioners contributed to our success. Shining at its brightest – the collaborative spirit, ongoing support, laser focus, steadfast commitment, and never ending peer guidance was second to none.

“I have many blessings in my life, leading the Salesforce platform is certainly one of them but even greater than that is having such amazing Babson peers by my side. As we all continue to navigate the Covid-19 challenges, I hope each of us explore an opportunity to remind each other, no matter how, just why Babson is such a special place.”

Thank you to the team behind this effort:

Salesforce Team Members

  • Mike Budd
  • Manjula Gangavelly
  • Jake Jacobsen
  • Marianne Miller
  • Shahid Perveen
  • Bridget Samuel

Other IT Collaborative Peers

  • Larry Fillion
  • Tova Duby
  • Eric Palson
  • Lisa Keohane
  • Tumen Bayer
  • Ari Soloman
  • Dan Tonelli
  • Dave Foscaldo

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Professors Peter Cohan, Richard Hanna, and Anne Roggeveen

When her summer internship was canceled, Madison Hill ’21 needed help. She reached out to several of her professors: Peter Cohan (lecturer of strategy); Richard Hanna (senior lecturer of marketing); and Anne Roggeveen (Charles Clarke Reynolds Professor of Retailing and Marketing).

The three quickly responded and offered to reach out to their contacts for Hill. “Every single one of them was more than happy to meet with me to discuss a ‘game plan’ for my future,” Hill says. “I am very fortunate to have secured a second internship in these uncertain times, and these opportunities would not have presented themselves without the help of my dedicated professors.”

Hill continues, “Our professors at Babson truly do care about you, your future, and your well-being, and they will go above and beyond for you if you need anything.”


The Facilities Team

Members of the Division of Student Affairs thanked the facilities team for their tireless commitment. “A tremendous thank you goes out to our partners in Facilities. This team has worked tirelessly since the decision was made go to a remote learning environment and require our students to move out of the residence halls. They continue to be the boots on the ground ensuring the safety of our remaining staff and students living on campus.”


Babson’s Faculty and Staff

A group of graduate students shared their sincere thanks for the hard work, dedication, and care of Babson’s faculty and staff during the coronavirus crisis.