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Summer 2017

Jasmine Yamasaki, MBA’06

Staking Their Turf in High-Tech

A lack of encouragement. Outmoded perceptions. For numerous reasons, some understood and some not, women aren’t as well represented in tech industries. But that hasn’t kept these alumnae from claiming the careers they want.

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The Music Makers

When Nashville singer-songwriter Jamie Kent ’09 launched his music career after graduating from Babson, he did what scores of aspiring musicians have done: He hit the road. Since then, Kent has traveled many a mile and sung many a song. He plays …

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Chasing Ideas

Sinan Erzurumlu (pronounced See-nan Erz-oo-room-loo) was born and raised in Turkey, but he doesn’t want to identify himself only as Turkish. Not that he has anything against Turkey. Growing up with a fun older brother and loving parents in …

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Small Talk with Sharon Yardley

Before becoming a nurse practitioner and director of health services for Babson, Sharon Yardley studied criminal justice. “As a kid, I read all of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and Cherry Ames books,” Yardley says.

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A Brush with Happiness

Even when tackling tough subjects such as race, identity, and feminism, the paintings of LaShonda Cooks ’10 fairly vibrate with joy. That’s no accident. “Painting is my happy place,” says the Dallas native, who counts portraits of superhero … Has related slideshow

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A Wall for All

Feel free. Follow your dreams. Just breathe. The messages—scrawled and neatly printed; in marker, pen, and pencil; on brightly colored and plain manila tags—convey expressions of hope, harmony, solidarity, sorrow, and, …

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Expect the Unexpected

The client was half a world away. The stakeholders had complicated demands. Cultural obstacles needed to be overcome. And the goals were constantly evolving. In other words, it was just like real life. But when students sign on for a Management …

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Working Together for Positive Change

When searching for a graduate business school, John Kluge, MBA’17, wanted a place that explores how to create economic and social value simultaneously. After working in industry, the nonprofit sector, and government, he came to believe these …

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A Powerful New Tool for the Babson Community

As the president of Babson, I have the unique opportunity to interact with our students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni from around the world every day. I consistently am inspired by the intelligence, diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit …

News, Notes + Nods

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The True Meaning of Team

Last fall, women’s soccer welcomed a new member—actually, two new members—to its team. They are on the young side, not even out of elementary school yet. Sisters Ava and Sofia Girolimetti, daughters of Allison ’97 and Marc Girolimetti ’96, …

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Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is inevitable and inescapable and, in many ways, knows no bounds. Regardless of sport, team, or season, adversity will strike, and the response will vary. The baseball team was approaching the midway point of its regular season, …