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Summer 2016

All the World’s a Stage

At the age of 6, Jon Jacques ’13 was given a magic kit, and it changed his life. He became a professional magician by the time he was 10, and later a popular personality performing tricks on Periscope, a live-streaming site. But then he started a business, and that has taken his life and career onto a bigger, headier stage. Has related video

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I couldn’t wait to try borscht. I ordered the beetroot soup on my first night in St. Petersburg, when our group went out for dinner. Mid-meal, an older Russian gentleman came up to our table and asked me to dance. Everybody egged him on. “Go! …

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The Weight of History

For the first session of the new summer course she is teaching, Kandice Hauf brought in cookies and brownies to share with her students. Partly the treats were meant to fortify them. “I knew we’d be in this long class,” says the …

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Old MacDonald, Meet Entrepreneurship

Ken “K.J.” Neilson, MBA’11, recently acquired his farmer’s license. After studying economics in college, working in real estate for years, earning an MBA, and turning his talents to marketing, farming is not the next career move that Neilson …

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Small Talk with Jaime Doherty

“Love every minute of life,” says Jaime Doherty, “and take advantage of everything that you can.” For Doherty, that philosophy has meant many things, such as skiing and white-water rafting while living in Colorado. Talking with a handsome …

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21st Century Gargoyles

Danielle Krcmar, Babson artist in residence, is a sculptor fascinated with figures and the study of movement and expression. Krcmar, who creates art using a range of sculptural media and reclaimed or found materials, is inspired by human anatomy … Has related slideshow

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A Weekend of Data

In a corner conference room in the library of Olin College, a team of five Babson students has assembled on a Saturday morning. The students are sprawled out in chairs, laptops open in front of them. The air smells of oranges. The students are …

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Leading from Experience

From early in her career, Debi Kleiman knew she wanted to help build and nurture businesses. Initially, she worked for the U.S. Department of Labor under Robert Reich during the first term of the Clinton administration. Leaving policy and …

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Let It Grow

On a sunny spring day, Alison Henry, MBA’16, sits outside Tomasso Hall as a pickup truck loaded with mulch drives by, a rich, earthy smell trailing behind it. Henry takes a breath. “I love mulch,” she says. “I love the smell of it.” Henry has …

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A Global Perspective

In 1983, I was given the life-changing opportunity to study at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, by the Rotary International Foundation. While the scholarship officially allowed me to pursue graduate studies in human rights law, my benefactors …

News, Notes + Nods

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Straddling Two Worlds

Like most Babson students, Sebastian Landy ’18 has had his fair share of adrenaline rushes (An A? I thought I failed!) and tense moments (That paper is due when?) in the classroom. But unlike most of his classmates, Landy also has experienced …

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A New Look for the Beaver Logo

Almost a century ago, Roger Babson, who was an alumnus of MIT, followed his alma mater’s lead and chose the beaver, nature’s industrious builder, to be the mascot of his new college. Today, the college supports 22 varsity sports for more than …

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The Softball Scholar

Four-year softball player Maya Lacy ’16 got a lot of attention this spring at the senior awards banquet. The outfielder received a Clinton A. Petersen Accounting Award, the Arts and Humanities Award, a Student Contribution Award, and Student …