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Fall 2017

Arthur Blank ’63, H’98

No Finish Line

Arthur Blank ’63, H’98, built Home Depot, one of the largest retail outlets in the world. That raises the question: What does one do for an encore? For the second act of his amazing career, Blank has kept busy with a host of ambitious endeavors, from pledging to give nearly all of his wealth to charity to building a stunning new stadium for his NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons. Sitting down for an interview in his Atlanta office, Blank reveals what motivates him and keeps him moving.

Illustration By Gregoire Gicquel

Turn It On

Christopher Queitsch ’09 sells office supplies, everything from clipboards and copy paper to calculators and coffee. He’s the co-founder of online retailer, essentially a Staples or Office Depot for the United Arab Emirates. Based … Has related video

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From Latvia to Texas to Babson

When Julia Kokina was about 10 years old, she decided she had to learn English. Her native language is Latvian, and with a mother from St. Petersburg, she also speaks fluent Russian. But her parents, who love music, often would listen to …

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Going Home to Help

As a teenager living in Buffalo, New York, Colleen Heidinger ’06 longed for the day when she could leave. She refused to apply to any nearby colleges. “I was adamant that once I left, I’d never come back,” she says. Buffalo felt too sleepy for …

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Small Talk with Henry Turner

The Marlton Golf Club in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is one of only a handful of black-owned golf courses in the U.S. Henry Turner, MBA’89, Marlton’s CEO and a co-owner, hopes to attract a diverse group of golfers, especially younger people, to …

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Art That Makes A Splash

As the saying goes, art is where you find it. Thanks to John-Marshall Stubbs, MBA’14, art now can be found on one of the unlikeliest of canvases: swimwear. Stubbs selects original, colorful paintings and then adapts them for imprinting on men’s …

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New Construction Project to Transform Campus Life

An ambitious construction project is now underway that will transform Babson’s fitness and recreation facilities. “It is the largest facilities investment in student and campus life in the College’s history,” says Lawrence Ward, vice president …

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A Hands-On Space for Students to Innovate

Students need a dedicated space where they can take their ideas and transform them into physical prototypes and products. Where they can get access to tools, dig in on projects, be messy, and work continuously any time of day or night. Where …

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Three Floors of Inspiration

In the world of software engineering, a full-stack developer has all the skills to see a coding project through from start to finish. In the world of Babson residence halls, a full-stack living and learning community brings together all the …

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A Campus for the Next Century

In 1919, when Babson was founded, classes were held at Roger Babson’s home on Abbott Road in Wellesley. Two years later, Roger purchased 125 acres of farmland to serve as the future campus for the young school, and in the nearly 100 years since, …

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The Digital Classroom

In April 2016, Babson joined edX, a provider of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, agreeing to create 15 courses over three years. “Online environments play an increasingly important role in businesses,” says Sal Parise, professor of …

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Basketball Beyond Babson

Upon graduation, Babson athletes typically land work in a range of professions, from financial services to marketing to entrepreneurship. But a select few have the privilege of continuing their playing careers. Enter men’s basketball sensation …