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Summer 2017

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Martin Lewit, MBA’08

Martin Lewit emails, “An annual MBA soccer tournament is held in Santiago, Chile, with the participation of alumni from 16 MBA programs from around the globe. Many alumni come with their families to the Sunday morning tournament to enjoy a day out. Nine Babson alumni participated this year.” Front row: Diego Biehl; Cristian Leiva, MBA’19; Felipe Baldwin, MBA’16; Felipe Sotomayor, MBA’15; and Joaquin Solis de Ovando, MBA’15. Back row: Sebastian Brant; Cristian Biehl; Clemente Eblen, MBA’16; Raul Garrido, MBA’11; Juan Pablo Arias, MBA’08; Martin (with son Oliver); Felipe Soto; Andres Marinakis; and David Furman, MBA’13 (with daughter Leah).