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Summer 2015

Christian Pappanicholas

Your Table Is Ready

To be a successful restaurant owner requires more than a fondness for food and a penchant for people.

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Working in the Food Biz

From creating amazing dishes to managing specialty markets to outfitting restaurants and more, these people are making a go of it in the food industry.

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What’s Your Favorite Summertime Treat?

Gail Simmons, entrepreneur in residence and judge on Top Chef. My favorite summer treat is hard to choose as summer is the absolute best time for so many foods I love

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Sweet Treats

The summer after graduating from Babson, Zak Barry ’14 was living in Santa Cruz, Calif., with longtime friend Matt Hong, who, like Barry, was born and raised in Hawaii. Along with surfing, the duo was working to launch a crowdfunding platform … Has related video

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Teach Your Children

Karen Salvatore ’74 and Steve Dunn, MBA’93, both grew up in Italian-American families that loved to cook and gather for family dinners. Salvatore, whose mother was famous for her stuffed artichokes, says her parents expected their six children …

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Feeding Our Animal Friends

When Emily Lagasse, MBA’15, returned from the Peace Corps in Togo, she brought someone special home with her: a dog she had named Fenway. Lagasse was volunteering in a small, remote village in the West African country when, seeking …

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Higher Grounds

For many Americans, “going for coffee” means making a trip to Starbucks. Around for more than 40 years, the Seattle-based company rules the coffee and snack shops market, with almost 12,000 locations across the country representing about 35 …

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Where the Action Is

Sit down with Marty Anderson, the Lewis Family Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Social Innovation, and he’ll leave your head spinning. He talks fast, and he covers a lot of ground, his mind pivoting from one seemingly brilliant, provocative, and …

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Small Talk with Rachel Greenberger

Rachel Greenberger, MBA’11, leads a life of explorations. She studied in England and India, backpacked by herself around Europe, and has been to 18 countries. She has lived on both coasts and worked in advertising, restaurants, and travel …

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Cooking Up Entrepreneurs

About 10 years ago, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, CEO and founder of the International Culinary Center, specializing in culinary and wine education, bought an inn in Connecticut. “It was a proper inn with a restaurant,” she says. “I thought since I ran …

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An Ambassador with a Brush

When John Collins got out of the Army in 1972, he had no plan for what was next. He did some landscaping and plumbing work, but he wasn’t sure where his life was headed. That’s when Jim Sullivan pulled Collins aside. The pair worked together at …

Making Teachers Part of Lemonade Day

Since 2010, when Babson championed the effort to bring Lemonade Day to the Greater Boston area, thousands of local school-age students have learned about entrepreneurship by starting a lemonade stand. To spur further interest in the spring …

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History in the Making

When the Class of 2019 arrives on campus this fall, its members already will be part of Babson history by being the class that will graduate the year we celebrate our Centennial. That in itself is worthy of celebration, but even before arriving, …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Growing Seeds

Matthew Goldfarb, MBA’10, says he jumps out of bed every morning at 3 or 4, eager to work in the fields. He and his partner, Petra Page-Mann, started Fruition Seeds, an organic seed company in New York’s Finger Lakes region, in 2012. Most seed …

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Last Call at Roger’s Pub

Kristin Ro ’08, MSA’08, still remembers Thursday nights at Roger’s Pub, the place packed, her friends all together. After a week of classes and studies, they were more than ready to forget about their stress and worries for a while. “It was time … Has related slideshow

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Traipsing Through Trash

This is not a normal magazine assignment. The Babson Sustainability Office is holding a waste audit, which is another way of saying students will be digging through piles of refuse, with their hands, to assess rates of recycling and composting. …

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Against the Odds

Selected to finish third in the NEWMAC preseason poll and devoid of a conference championship for 11 years, the Babson women’s tennis team surprised its doubters by not only capturing a league title but also qualifying for the NCAA Tournament …