Babson Magazine

Summer 2015

Working in the Food Biz

From creating amazing dishes to managing specialty markets to outfitting restaurants and more, these people are making a go of it in the food industry.

Katerina Iliades ’10

Come in for a Taste  »

Katerina Iliades ’10, owner and founder of the Greek International Food Market in West Roxbury, Mass., likes to share her store with customers. So if you ask if she sells Greek yogurt, …

Damian Zedower

Pleasing Palates in Babson Park  »

Damian Zedower jokes that he became a chef when he realized his dream of being a professional football player was just that—a dream. “I said, ‘What else do I know how to do?’” …

Tricia Powers Dambrauskas, MBA’04

Family Matters  »

When Tricia Powers Dambrauskas, MBA’04, was in the second grade, her mother, Gloria, a veteran of the food-service industry, decided to start her own company. … Video Icon

Christy Buso ’04

Destiny Calls »

When Christy Buso ’04 was a teenager, she wanted to be independent and earn her own spending money. The Watertown Meat Center in Watertown, Conn., a small full-service market …

Mario Rodriguez

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow »

Pop-up dining presents chefs with some interesting challenges, especially if the fleeting event takes place in an unconventional setting—say, on a rooftop where helicopters land …