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Summer 2014

Summer Celebrations

Summer Celebrations

From baseball parks to ice cream shops, from beaches and boats to camps and kids, from neighborhood gatherings to worldly explorations, we take a look at what the Babson community is up to during the hot days of summer.

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Rolling On

Bill Chapin’s passion for cars is rooted not only in what the cars look like or how they perform, he’s also inspired by the history and people behind the cars. Chapin ’72, president of the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Mich., says, “The … Has related slideshow

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An Economics Sleuth

In a small town named Shillong in the green hills of northeast India, Kankana Mukherjee grew up wondering about the economic differences between her beloved home and the West. “My childhood was very beautiful, and we had the privilege of going …

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Small Talk with Samantha Stanley

Samantha Stanley has held an eclectic array of jobs. She has worked as an employment counselor for refugees, florist’s assistant, co-leader of a study abroad program in Ghana, coordinator at a Japanese cultural institute, and …

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Energy Consumption as Art

Flick on a light. Crank up the air conditioning. Turn on the television. Energy is almost like oxygen; it supports modern day life. We use it 24/7. Refrigerators run. Safety lights illuminate. Even when off, some electronic devices draw … Has related video

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Zen and the Art of Pingpong

Listen to Jai Lawrence ’17 talk about pingpong, and he sounds like a Jedi master of the ball and paddle. “Pingpong requires more mental energy than physical energy,” he says. “You have to predict where the ball will go.” Lawrence first learned …

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Jazz in the Basement

To find the music, you have to know where to look. First, go to Park Manor Central and open the side door near Roger’s Pub. Then walk down the stairs until you can’t walk anymore. There you’ll find a tucked-away rehearsal space full of musical …

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A Not-So-Sleepy Summer

Growing up in Florida, my experience with the change in seasons was the weather shifting from pleasantly warm in the winter to hot and sunny in the summer. Upon arriving in New England for college, I learned how varied and beautiful the change …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

Growing a Startup

In the summer of 2013, Jeremy Cai ’16 was brainstorming ideas with a high-school friend. The two were intrigued with the concept of urban waste and how it could translate into a successful business. Thus began Sprout Products, an e-commerce site …

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At Home in the Spotlight

The limelight has shined on men’s tennis for two seasons, a rise to prominence the program hasn’t experienced since the late 1990s. In 2013, the Beavers advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the first time as a team in 16 years, and they made …