Babson Magazine

Fall 2018

The Stories on the Shelves

Visit a professor’s office on campus, and you may see crowded desks and cluttered shelves full of books and binders, curios and keepsakes. Giving a tour of their offices, professors talk about some of their workplace treasures, accumulated over years spent teaching, traveling, and doing research, and how those items speak to their careers and their lives.

Danna Greenberg

Danna Greenberg »

Professor of management, Walter H. Carpenter Professor
Tomasso Hall, room 127

Sid Vedula

Sid Vedula »

Assistant professor of entrepreneurship
Blank Center, room 105B

Lauren Bietelspacher

Lauren Beitelspacher »

Associate professor of marketing
Malloy Hall, room 212

Ruben Mancha

Ruben Mancha »

Assistant professor of information systems
Babson Hall, room 211A

George Recck ’82, MBA’84

George Recck ’82, MBA’84 »

Lecturer in mathematics
Babson Hall, room 216F