Babson Magazine

Fall 2016

Overheard at Reynolds

Hanging around the student center, you can’t help but catch bits of conversations.

Photos: Pat Piasecki

Photos: Pat Piasecki

IT’S SO EASY IF YOU STUDY. It’s jelly inside for Big Papi. Does Papi like jelly? I don’t know. Dunkin’ Donuts came up with that. I don’t know why I can’t remember the stupid combination. I want to live in a warm city. We should sneak onto the Wellesley Country Club at night and map the greens. Just putt all night. These are good fries. YOU GUYS ARE SUCH NERDS. How was your summer? It was great. Did investment banking. Long hours. I know that you’ll be honest. Some people are afraid to say whatever. Hey. Want to do me a favor? THE PLATE IS ACTUALLY BIODEGRADABLE. I’m a problem-solving student looking for opportunities. THEY HAVE A HELICOPTER PAD ON THE GOLF COURSE. THEY LAND, PLAY, AND THEN TAKE OFF. It’s hard to study when you’re hungry. Wish me luck on my interview. Wait. Did you know he has a girlfriend? How are things going with your business? I got the message from my lawyer that I got my trademark. How many pairs did you bring to school? 12. Yeah, I was in New York City … well, I was living in New Jersey. I haven’t been in here. They have sushi? TIME FOR ME TO BOOGIE ON OUT OF HERE. WE’RE TRYING TO HAVE IT OPEN BY THE TIME WE GRADUATE. Have a great day. Stay out of trouble. I am trouble.