Babson Magazine

Summer 2016

Small Talk with Jaime Doherty

Photo: Tom Kates

Photo: Tom Kates

“Love every minute of life,” says Jaime Doherty, “and take advantage of everything that you can.” For Doherty, that philosophy has meant many things, such as skiing and white-water rafting while living in Colorado. Talking with a handsome passer-by to see if a spark might ignite (it did). Escaping to Cape Cod to breathe in the ocean air. And leaving the corporate world to join Babson in 2002, first as an events coordinator, then as senior associate director in the Undergraduate Center for Career Development.

What is your current role at Babson? My role is corporate relations and managing the recruiting team, helping them develop professionally. The other piece is all relationship management, with recruiters, with my colleagues on this campus, with alums. How can we all partner to bring companies to campus? I also help with CCD’s recruiting events and programming.

You did Babson events for 10 years. What stands out? Commencement was always rewarding. So much teamwork would go into pulling that off. I’d get here at 4:30 or 5 in the morning, and driving in I would be blaring music to get pumped up. I’d pull in with iced coffees for the team, and we’d be like, all right, let’s get this show on the road. It’s such a happy time.

What’s the best party you ever threw for yourself? Our wedding was fun. We got married on the Cape in Chatham. My mom lives there. We got married in the park in the center of town on the bandstand, and then we had a reception. The next day, we did a big clambake at my mom’s house.

How did you meet your husband? It was Cinco de Mayo, and I had been out with a girlfriend at a fundraiser. We were heading through Faneuil Hall to get cabs to go home, and Burke was walking in the other direction with his brother and his brother’s roommate. Burke and I caught eyes, and I said, “Hey,” and he said, “Hi.” We both kept walking, and then we both turned around at the same time. Then we both kept walking, and then we both stopped and turned around again. I asked, “What do you want?” He said, “Come here.” So we met halfway and talked for about five minutes. We exchanged numbers and went out the following Thursday—that was 15 years ago. Who does that?

What do you do for fun? We have two boys, and in the summer and fall we’re down on the Cape. It’s Cahoon Hollow beach, but we call it the Beachcomber. I just love looking out on the ocean. It’s my happy place. —Donna Coco