Babson Magazine

Fall 2014

A Patchwork of Memories

Patchwork Memories

Photo: Webb Chappell

As Babson students can attest, free T-shirts are a part of college life, so much so that figuring out what to do with them can be tough.

“At some point, your drawers start to overflow,” says recent graduate Jennifer King ’14, who kept all her Babson T-shirts. Friends had told King that they keep their T-shirts in boxes stowed away in the attic. But surfing the Web one day, King came across an idea she liked better—creating a quilt. “I thought, ‘That’s perfect.’”

A Scituate, Mass., resident, King found a company in Fall River called Project Repat that specializes in creating quilts from customers’ T-shirts. King’s finished quilt includes more than 30 T-shirts from her four years at Babson. Some of the shirts are sentimental favorites from events King attended or helped organize; she even designed a few of the shirts. “I let Repat decide the quilt order,” she says. “I was involved with so many groups and events, it would’ve been hard to decide myself.”

King, who started law school this fall, thinks of the quilt as “creative and sustainable.” She plans to hang it or use it as a bedspread. Says King, “It’s a great way to show what Babson means to me.” —Donna Coco