Author: William Lawler

William Lawler
Professor Emeritus
William Lawler
Dr. Lawler is the Leadership Professor, Strategy & Accounting, Babson F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business. His teaching and research focus on two areas: financial footprints of business unit strategy, and the impact of new technologies on accounting systems. Dr. Lawler has authored several papers and given numerous professional presentations. His primary focus is on aiding operational managers in understanding the financial consequences of their decisions concerning strategic choice. He has run seminars on this topic for such diverse groups as telecom managers in China, production managers in the Czech Republic, and R&D managers in the United States. Dr. Lawler consults with a number of companies, ranging from small bio-techs to Fortune 100 health care companies. His most recent publications in this area are a chapter, Understanding the Financial Footprint of Strategy (Strategy, Innovation, and Change, Oxford Press 2008), and Rational Expense Reduction: Lean Budgeting at Irving Oil (The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance March/April 2012)
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