Author: Anirudh Dhebar

Anirudh Dhebar
Anirudh Dhebar
Anirudh Dhebar is Professor of Marketing at Babson College. Anirudh teaches in Babson College’s graduate program as well as custom executive-development offerings. In the graduate program, he offers electives on disruptive change and enterprise transformation; science, technology, and the enterprise; the marketing of high-technology products; and pricing in the information industries. Anirudh is an inveterate student of the dynamic interplay between science- and technology-intensive enterprises, the enterprises' customers, the ecosystems in which the enterprise play, and the overall social milieu in which the dynamics are set. A highly experienced and effective management thinker, educator, and facilitator, he is committed to integrating innovation, discernment, and a renaissance perspective to the practice of management, all supported by analytical rigor and a fearless love of the question.
Forget Organization: Embrace Enterprise
Forget Organization: Embrace Enterprise » In the case of organization vs enterprise, the latter is a call to adventure.