Author: Cheryl Yaffe Kiser

Cheryl Yaffe Kiser
Executive Director
Cheryl Yaffe Kiser
Cheryl Yaffe Kiser is the Executive Director of The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation and Babson Social Innovation Lab. Cheryl is responsible for leading a critical aspect of Babson College's growth strategy by promoting broad support for Babson's work in integrating social innovation and social entrepreneurship into its curriculum and co-curricular activities. Cheryl is developing Babson as the go-to place for global social entrepreneurship resources, activities, relationships, networks, knowledge, and convenings. These initiatives enable Babson to serve as an educator, amplifier, accelerator, and communicator of the positive impacts of social entrepreneurship in all of its forms.
What is Social Impact?
What is Social Impact? » How do you create economic and social value simultaneously? It takes a culture that sees differently, thinks differently, and acts differently. It requires a mindset that cultivates breakthrough interactions to activate and scale positive social impact.