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Slideshow: Peter Hussey Comments on His Artwork

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Peter Hussey, MBA’77

© Peter Hussey
Peter Hussey, MBA’77, paints in his studio at his home in Portsmouth, R.I. “All my work is watercolor on canvas. I’ve always loved watercolor and never paint in anything else,” says Hussey. A self-trained artist and frustrated architect, he adds, “When I’m out of my studio, I look for ways to make the mundane look different. My work is not designed to provoke or challenge, it’s made to adorn. But I don’t want to give all the answers. I want viewers to use their own imagination.”

Blue Colonial

© Peter Hussey
Blue Colonial | © Peter Hussey
“As much as I am drawn to using a bright and diverse palette in my work, this painting is interesting for its near-universal use of one color: indanthrone blue.”


© Peter Hussey
Hooky | © Peter Hussey
“This painting, which was on exhibit at the New Britain [Conn.] Museum of American Art, is actually a composite. The setting is a gate and stone wall in Westport, Mass., into which I introduced an old bicycle I saw in Deerfield.”

Windows in Westport

© Peter Hussey
Windows in Westport | © Peter Hussey
“This lovingly restored farmhouse occupies the same site as the gate and stone wall in Hooky. I have returned at different times of the year and have yet to come away without a great idea for a painting.”

Municipal Lamp

© Peter Hussey
Municipal Lamp | © Peter Hussey
“In this painting, I chose to set aside the overarching architectural context and focus on making a portrait of sorts from a simple architectural detail—a lamp in downtown New Bedford, Mass.”

Pediment with Pumpkins

© Peter Hussey
Pediment with Pumpkins | © Peter Hussey
“I paint a lot of pumpkins because orange is a challenge. Pumpkins are a wonderful vehicle for introducing a burst of color into a painting, and I like the challenge of rendering them convincingly without the benefit of a good commercially available orange pigment. What you see here has been achieved with meticulously applied washes of brown, yellow, red, and mauve.”

Stonington Light

© Peter Hussey
Stonington Light | © Peter Hussey
“This lighthouse is a classic New England image.”

Jack Flynn’s Door

© Peter Hussey
Jack Flynn’s Door | © Peter Hussey
“I like to capture the juxtaposition of different materials and could not turn down the chance to paint a piece of blue bull’s-eye glass in a highly varnished wood door with a brass lock and handle.”

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