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Winter 2019

On Campus

Ashley Renzi ’00 coaches the next generation of professionals

As a member of one of the first classes to receive advice through the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program (CLTP), Ashley Renzi ’00 has been returning the favor for nearly 20 years. Through her involvement, future Babson graduates receive essential guidance for entering the professional world.

Ashley Renzi ’00

“The conversations with the students are insightful,” Renzi said. “(They) engage and have a lot of questions about my career, the work we do, and life outside of school.”

CLTP convenes local professionals, alumni, and other individuals looking to give back for several hours on multiple days during the spring and fall semesters. Coaches receive an overview of intended outcomes for students, and are instructed to observe and provide one-on-one feedback as students analyze case studies and work to solve a business ethics problem.

While coaching, Renzi accentuates self-reflection and self-awareness. In the past, she has helped students improve everything from body language to their problem-solving ability.

“Going through [coaching] as a student, I found the conversation with my coach incredibly beneficial,” Renzi said. “I wasn’t aware of what I was doing in some cases. Having objective feedback from someone who was interested in giving it, rather than waiting to get into a challenging situation, was really helpful.”

Renzi worked in financial consulting before joining New Balance in 2006. She has held a variety of roles at the company during the past 13 years and now serves as the head of strategy for the Direct to Consumer division. She started working with CLTP shortly after graduating and participates annually.

“To be successful, the program requires a lot of coaches,” she said. “I know my volunteerism, including the hours I’m putting in, has a large impact on the Babson community.” – Bryan Lipiner