Babson Magazine

Winter 2019

The Spirit of Giving at Babson

Eric Dosal ’00

Eric Dosal is a Class of 2000 alumnus who currently lives in Miami with his wife, Lorena, and their two daughters. A former baseball player at Babson, he recently made two generous gifts in support of Babson Athletics, funding construction of The Dosal, a 5,000-square-foot indoor hitting and baseball performance center, and endowing a Man of the Year Award, which recognizes Babson’s most well-rounded male student-athlete each year.

Photo: Temitope Bajulaiye

Eric Dosal ’00 (right) with Mike Lynch, the Pamela P. and Brian M. Barefoot Athletics Director and senior director of athletic advancement.
Photo: Temitope Bajulaiye

What were you most likely to be doing when you were a student on campus?
Probably playing baseball. In peak season, games, practice, and gym time occupied a solid 25–30 hours per week. It was a pretty intense workload. If I wasn’t in the gym or in class, you’d probably find me hanging out with friends. Our favorite spot was B5 McCullough!

Did your time as a student-athlete prepare you for a career in business?
Yes, 100 percent. Being a student-athlete is tough. You learn to work as a team, prioritize, count on others, manage your time, deal with adversity, commit to goals. Everything you need to know for the real world you can learn through team sports.

Why do you give back to Babson?
I think it’s important to give back to the institutions that helped shape you as an individual. Babson shaped my future and who I am today. I recognize that and appreciate it, so I want to make sure I’m having an impact on the College. With our gift to the baseball team, I viewed it as a way to give back and pay it forward to future generations of Babson players. When I got to campus, we had a beautiful field and a great facility and that’s because of the players that came before me. I had so many memories on the field. So much of my college experience took place there—so many friends and teammates, we worked together on that field. To be able to help and give these guys another edge means a lot.

How do you spend most of your time these days?
I work, I work out, and I spend time with my family. That’s about it. These days, I’m spending a lot of time on health and wellness. I spent too much time destroying my health to build wealth, and now I’m spending my wealth to get my health back. Funny how that works.

Do you have any habits or daily routines that are key to your success?
Daily meditation. It’s so important to take time from the day, whatever your priorities are, to just reset the brain and take a break. It only takes 15 minutes a day. For me, it’s the most important thing that allows me to do what I do every day.

Any specific advice you have for students or young alums?
Life is a marathon. Lots of people want to sprint out of the gate and become billionaires right away. But, it’s really a marathon and you need to pace yourself. I also like to say: when you graduate from Babson, it’s like starting a marathon on mile one or two. You’re further ahead of everyone else because of everything you learned there. That’s a great advantage, but then it’s up to you to continue that drive and stay ahead. – Jillian Erdos and Jason Lynch