Babson Magazine

Summer 2019

Make Your Mark for Babson

Make Your Mark for Babson is a single extraordinary day of giving that has become a worldwide celebration of the College community. The event started in 2016 with a modest goal: Acquire 300 gifts to the College in one day. That first global push toward camaraderie and support for Babson resulted in 875 gifts totaling $91,994.

Through Make Your Mark, donors can select from one of 20 campaigns that fund an array of campus programs, projects, institutes, scholarships, and more, including areas of critical need. Since its inception, the event has been an important catalyst for increasing alumni participation from 23% to 32%.

Fueled by the success of the first 24-hour push three years ago, hosting a second annual Make Your Mark was a no-brainer. And, the Babson faithful delivered. The day of giving in 2017 resulted in the most gifts received on a single day in Babson’s history: 1,255 from donors in 32 states and 20 countries, with a whopping $173,426 raised.

Make Your Mark 2018 topped that with 1,585 gifts totaling $191,790, and 239 people making their first gift to Babson.

This year’s event will coincide with our Centennial Founder’s Day celebration on Thursday, September 5, when we hope to have 1,919 people donate in 2,019 hours, in honor of our 100th year. You can help by giving to what you love that day.

To learn more (or get an early start), visit or call 781-239-4393.

Make Your Mark for Babson