Babson Magazine

Spring 2018

Taking on Health Care

Chinmoy Mishra, MBA’08 and Dhairya Gupta, MBA’08

A Preventive Approach to Health »

After studying and working in the U.S. for eight years, Chinmoy Mishra, MBA’08, returned home to India in 2012 to address what he calls crucial public-health issues.

Kristine Ashcraft, MBA’10

Prescribing with Precision  »

Kristine Ashcraft, MBA’10, likes to employ the metaphor of a five-highway intersection when describing how Seattle-based YouScript helps deliver precision medicine.

Joanna Geisinger, MBA’17

Smooth Operations »

Operating rooms. Cadaver labs. An ever-changing surgery schedule. For Joanna Geisinger, MBA’17, these were part of everyday life as a surgical device representative.

Magala Martin ’17

A Way Out of the Dark »

Andres Martin’s cognitive decline “sprung out of nowhere” about five years ago when he was 17, says his older sister, Magala ’17. He gradually went from being a healthy teen to not speaking, not sleeping, and barely moving.

Felix Santos ’78, P’16

A Lifeline in Times of Trouble »

In 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated much of Puerto Rico. Access to basic medical supplies was crucial. During those difficult times, Puerto Rico Hospital Supply, for which Felix Santos ’78, P’16, is CEO, never closed.

Emily Levy ’16

Help with Living a “Normal” Life »

One of the constant challenges of living with a long-term illness, such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes, or cancer, actually has nothing to do with what is happening inside the body, says Emily Levy ’16.