Babson Magazine

Spring 2014

Come One, Come All

Entrepreneurs seeking information, guidance, inspiration, and camaraderie as they strive to start businesses or infuse their workplace with new energy—these are the people who addresses, people intrigued by Entrepreneurship of All Kinds, as the acronym denotes.

“The site is not a play at prospective students, and it’s not a play at our alumni. It’s really the bigger picture,” says Sarah Sykora, MBA’01, chief marketing officer for Babson. “We want people in the world who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship to visit.”

Launched a year ago this spring, the site posts stories about redefining entrepreneurship, social innovation, and preparing entrepreneurial leaders. Temple Grandin, who has autism and counts author, speaker, and animal behaviorist among her specialties, discusses how she grew her many-layered business and keeps it thriving. Jon Feinman, MBA’10, founder of InnerCity Weightlifting, a nonprofit that aims to reduce violence by bringing youths off the streets and into the gym, shares insights on the sometimes tough realities of running a socially driven business. Marketing guru Guy Kawasaki, H’00, talks about the traits of a good entrepreneur—and the qualities that don’t matter.

“We’re telling the stories of people who are redefining entrepreneurship,” says Elizabeth Atwater, managing editor and brand journalist. “We want to show the real people and businesses and applications—all the different ways of being an entrepreneur.”

The site aims to embody what Babson teaches. “Entrepreneurship of All Kinds is an interesting phrase, but what does it mean? This site is a great demonstration of what we’re talking about,” says Atwater. “It’s an awesome tool and opportunity for us to share that story with people who aren’t necessarily familiar with Babson yet.”

At the same time, Babson gains an audience of people interested in entrepreneurship that it wouldn’t necessarily have had. “If our strategy is truly to be the convener, catalyst, and educator of Entrepreneurship of All Kinds,” says Sykora, “then this gives us an online presence to help fulfill that strategy.”—Donna Coco