Babson Magazine

Winter 2015

Sports and the Bonds that Connect Us

Babson President Kerry Healey

Photo: Webb Chappell
President Kerry Healey

People often mark important milestones—whether in their own lives or as part of society—with an anniversary celebration. Anniversaries remind us of how a particular event and the people associated with it have gone on to influence our lives. Reflecting on the past can challenge us to consider why some memories stick with us so vividly while others simply fade away.

This issue of Babson Magazine steps back into history by way of a photojournalism feature celebrating some incredible anniversaries for Babson athletics: men’s rugby, 35 years; women’s basketball (the first official women’s team at our College), 40 years; and men’s swimming and diving, 55 years. Generations of athletes have an immediate and natural connection to one another due, in large part, to the timeless continuity of sports, which are governed by rules, customs, and boundaries that are little changed from when they were established. The rugby scrum is still a test of strength and toughness, the basketball hoop remains 10 feet high, and the fastest time always wins the race in the pool. The members of these teams have stayed connected to each other through their love of sports and the bonds they formed as teammates.

Not surprisingly, several of our most active affinity groups are tied to sports teams. A wonderful synergy exists between alumni competitors whose final season concluded decades ago and current athletes, who are right in the middle of the action. An immediate connection arises between past athletes recalling their experiences and current players who carry on proud traditions while adding their own unique chapters to Babson’s history. Both alumni and students come together to watch our athletes compete on the field, getting lost in the moment as the drama unfolds. I can’t pass up the opportunity to note how men’s soccer, women’s tennis, women’s volleyball, and men’s golf provided exciting memories this fall, all winning their conference championships!

At the same time, we can appreciate the game-day action in an entirely different way. The efforts behind these performances reflect on so many of the entrepreneurial traits we respect and celebrate at Babson: adapting to change, learning from failure, valuing teamwork, taking action in pursuit of shared goals, and gaining experience through various pursuits in preparation for future success.

As you look at the photos from the respective teams celebrating anniversaries, I hope that they help jar loose a few of your fondest memories of Babson. Make a point to celebrate your Babson anniversaries, big and small. Join with your classmates—and the more than 38,000 alumni around the world—by getting and staying connected to our College and with each other. Together, we will continue to make new memories, celebrate victories, and commemorate anniversaries for years to come.

Kerry Healey