Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

Using entrepreneurship as a way to look at the world, we can solve more than just business problems. You can apply it to take action by innovating within a large corporation, raising a family, creating a charity, solving global social issues, or starting a business.

The individuals or groups who use Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® to transform opportunity into reality practice Entrepreneurship of All Kinds. These are their stories.

Popped Water Lily Seeds Go Prime Time
Popped Water Lily Seeds Go Prime Time » Nadine Habayeb MBA’17 is about to swim with the sharks as she attempts to seal a deal for her snack company, Bohana, on ABC’s Shark Tank on Friday night, March 20.
Lessons from Zumba’s Disruptive Business Model
Lessons from Zumba’s Disruptive Business Model » Fitness is an industry filled with disruptive business models. What can we learn from Zumba’s?
Everything And Then Some
Everything And Then Some » First year student Sree Dasari ’23 arrived at Babson with a patent, startup, and published scientific research. She's building on that foundation to grow her business at Babson.
Their Mission: Empower Women Everywhere
Their Mission: Empower Women Everywhere » Savitha Sridharan MBA’14 and Angela Sanchez MBA’11 are two Babson entrepreneurs united by one extraordinary mission—to empower women everywhere .
Leaving His Mark
Leaving His Mark » With graduation on the horizon, Sienzhi Kouemo ’20 shares how he has made his mark on Babson—and how Babson has made an impression, too.
How Do You Define Entrepreneurship? This article contains a video
How Do You Define Entrepreneurship? » Entrepreneurs including Aaron Walton ’83, Ruthie Davis MBA’93, Michael Bastian ’87, and others share their definition of entrepreneurship, and how being part of the Babson community has made their career paths possible.
Entrepreneurs Don’t Go It Alone at Babson
Entrepreneurs Don’t Go It Alone at Babson » While she was launching Yad, her home decor business, Debbie Cohen ’19 took full advantage of the many resources that Babson offers budding entrepreneurs.
Creating a New (Ad)venture in FME
Creating a New (Ad)venture in FME » Jack Flynn ’20 always had an appetite for creativity. That interest led him to Babson, where he turned his FME business into his full-time venture.
SPLAT! Breaking the Rules in STEM Education
SPLAT! Breaking the Rules in STEM Education » If you’re on a mission to get kids excited about coding, letting them jump and play is a pretty good place to start. Just ask Bryanne Leeming MBA’16, who built a business that mixes STEM education and play.
Developing Her Own Opportunities
Developing Her Own Opportunities » As technology shapes the future, the world looks to women like Gia Douglass ’23 pursuing careers in STEM and diversifying the industry.