Entrepreneurship of All Kinds

Using entrepreneurship as a way to look at the world, we can solve more than just business problems. You can apply it to take action by innovating within a large corporation, raising a family, creating a charity, solving global social issues, or starting a business.

The individuals or groups who use Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® to transform opportunity into reality practice Entrepreneurship of All Kinds. These are their stories.

Attitude of Gratitude Helps Babson Graduate Help Others
Attitude of Gratitude Helps Babson Graduate Help Others » One small change to a Babson graduate's daily routine changed his life for the better. Now, Teddy Droseres '10 is helping others do the same thing.
Helping Those Without a Home
Helping Those Without a Home » As someone concerned about homelessness, Sedonami Agosa ’20 founded ClearPath, which seeks to keep those aging out of foster care off the streets.
Exploring an Integrated, Systems Mindset
Exploring an Integrated, Systems Mindset » One Socio-Ecological Systems class goes beyond the classroom to teach students the integrated systems behind wastewater management and how sustainable management of our natural resources is more important than ever.
An Entrepreneur on Two Wheels
An Entrepreneur on Two Wheels » Armed with his Babson education and a passion for building and creating, Terence Musto ’10 is seeking to change the way motorcycle and bicycle riders take to the road.
The Future of Franchising
From Babson Magazine
The Future of Franchising » Franchising is an effective, enduring, and lucrative way of doing business. As the industry recovers from the disruption of the pandemic, it looks toward the future, one marked by new business trends, new leaders, and new educational opportunities courtesy of Babson’s Tariq Farid Franchise Institute.
Sun, Sea, and Entrepreneurship
Sun, Sea, and Entrepreneurship » Wanting to work on something entrepreneurial, Jose Lorido MBA’20 joined PADL, a paddleboard rental venture aiming to get people out on the water.
A Babson-Made Public Servant
A Babson-Made Public Servant » The director of New York State’s Emergency Medical Services, Ryan Greenberg ’99, credits his Babson degree for preparing him. The job has been challenging, especially during the pandemic.
First Health Hackathon in Rwanda Highlights Babson-UGHE Collaboration
First Health Hackathon in Rwanda Highlights Babson-UGHE Collaboration » Wiljeana Glover, founding faculty director of Babson’s Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship, discusses the successful hackathon and the value of collaborating with the University of Global Health Equity.
Refurbishing Computers Turns from Side Hustle to Helping Hand
Refurbishing Computers Turns from Side Hustle to Helping Hand » Dylan Zajac ’25 has been refurbishing computers and donating them since high school. At Babson, he has continued to grow his charity, develop his network, and expand his opportunities.
An Entrepreneurial Showcase
An Entrepreneurial Showcase » The student and alumni entrepreneurs in Babson’s Summer Venture Program spend weeks building their startups. The program concludes with a showcase highlighting all of their work.