Author: Wiljeana Glover

Wiljeana Glover
Assistant Professor
Wiljeana Glover
Wiljeana Glover is an Assistant Professor of Technology, Operations, and Information Management and is the Faculty Director of the Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship at Babson College. Professor Glover’s research uses systems thinking to understand the impact of boundary spanning and the interplay between strategic and social factors on performance outcomes. Professor Glover has extensive experience studying healthcare systems, including Clalit Health Systems-Israel, the U.S. Military Health System, and recently the Ugandan healthcare system. She has also worked with manufacturing and other service organizations. Professor Glover’s teaching interests include technology and operations management, scaling operations, improvement approaches (lean, agile, six sigma, etc.), and systems design, interactions, and improvement. Her teaching heavily uses experiential learning and she has developed a project-based course with industry that focuses on how students can learn operational principles by doing, creating measurable improvements for the partner companies. She completed her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech and postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prior to her academic career, she worked as an Associate Consultant with Stockamp and Associates, implementing revenue cycle and process improvements in hospital settings.
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