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4 Ways To Ace Your Venture Capital Funding Pitch
4 Ways To Ace Your Venture Capital Funding Pitch » Ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s a harsh but true reality, especially for entrepreneurs seeking venture funding. In a world with millions of ideas, many of which are the same, why should a venture capitalist fund yours?
5 Ways To Tell Stories That Stick
5 Ways To Tell Stories That Stick » Whether pitching to the sharks on "Shark Tank," at a business competition, or to a venture fund, the real power in a successful venture pitch comes from telling a compelling narrative story.
Swimming With The Sharks
Swimming With The Sharks » Entrepreneurs who have pitched on Shark Tank—including Jamie Siminoff '99 of Ring—share their experiences an advice for those seeking a swim with the sharks.
Changing the Status Quo in Venture Capital
Changing the Status Quo in Venture Capital » Only about 1% of all businesses in the United States ever receive venture financing, and for women, the slice of the VC pie is even smaller.
Investing in Women: A Conversation with Tory Burch
Investing in Women: A Conversation with Tory Burch » If net worth were measured in shoes, today Tory Burch is worth more than 4 million of her signature Reva ballet flats. Is there a secret to her success? In retrospect, she says it’s scary to think how little she knew at the outset, but her motivation to challenge herself and be open to new experiences has never wavered.
Slow Money Investing Takes Root
Slow Money Investing Takes Root » An emerging cadre of enterprising investors and entrepreneurs is committed to turning this situation around, and making money in the process. Food entrepreneurs are revitalizing dozens of old businesses, and starting hundreds of new ones, based on sustainable farming and food production methods.
Researching Crowdfunding? Start Here.
Researching Crowdfunding? Start Here. » 5 theories from economics and psychology that anyone researching crowdfunding should know.
How to Approach Investors 101
How to Approach Investors 101 » A thoughtful strategy for approaching investors can boost entrepreneurs' odds of success.
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part II
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part II » Social investment platforms are as diverse as the challenges they seek to address. They share a common goal of having a positive effect and supporting social causes, but approach community engagement and fundraising differently.
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I » Crowdfunding is an Internet-powered evolution of an age-old activity, and it’s providing social entrepreneurs with access to capital, customers, and ideas.