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Meet Us at the Consult Café
Meet Us at the Consult Café » Thirty local nonprofits recently gathered at Babson Boston to explore how to put entrepreneurial thought into action in order to advance their missions. They took away concrete ideas about marketing, social media, media relations, and fundraising.
Caryl Stern’s Lessons on Life and Leadership
Caryl Stern’s Lessons on Life and Leadership » In the story of Caryl Stern’s life, there’s a theme prevalent in each and every chapter: putting children first.
Growing Plants to Grow Students with Stephen Ritz
Growing Plants to Grow Students with Stephen Ritz » Stephen Ritz's Green Bronx Machine uses the power of a plant to transform communities that are fragmented and marginalized into neighborhoods that are inclusive and thriving.
Scaling and Sustaining Healthcare Innovation
Scaling and Sustaining Healthcare Innovation » How can an entrepreneurial mindset and model lead to healthcare innovation?
Disrupting the Status Quo
Disrupting the Status Quo » Social innovators Rosanne Haggerty and Michael Sorrell are challenging traditional models of doing business, using entrepreneurship to reshape and reimagine the communities—and the world—we live in
Fighting Global Iron Deficiency, One Lucky Iron Fish at a Time
Fighting Global Iron Deficiency, One Lucky Iron Fish at a Time » Sets of three are lucky in Cambodia. But when Dr. Gavin Armstrong incorporated his company Lucky Iron Fish on 12/12/12, he wasn’t thinking much about luck. Rather, he was launching an innovative solution to one of Cambodia's biggest problems; iron deficiency.
Helping Teen Mothers Step Out Of Poverty
Helping Teen Mothers Step Out Of Poverty » Rocked by the painful loss of her toddler, Catalina Escobar channeled her grief into action.
A New Definition of Success
A New Definition of Success » Losing a dear aunt to cancer helped Kelly Murphy Greeley realize that her career could be more meaningful and fulfilling if she were working for a cause.
Slow Money Investing Takes Root
Slow Money Investing Takes Root » An emerging cadre of enterprising investors and entrepreneurs is committed to turning this situation around, and making money in the process. Food entrepreneurs are revitalizing dozens of old businesses, and starting hundreds of new ones, based on sustainable farming and food production methods.
Amplifying Impact with AltruHelp
Amplifying Impact with AltruHelp » Mathew Paisner is not your average social innovator. He heads AltruHelp, an organization that helps businesses and colleges increase volunteerism by connecting their people to personalized volunteer projects.