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From Battlefield to Boss
Living Entrepreneurship
From Battlefield to Boss » In cities and towns across the country, today more than 2.4 million small businesses are veteran-owned.
Slow Money Investing Takes Root
Amplifying Social Innovation
Slow Money Investing Takes Root » An emerging cadre of enterprising investors and entrepreneurs is committed to turning this situation around, and making money in the process. Food entrepreneurs are revitalizing dozens of old businesses, and starting hundreds of new ones, based on sustainable farming and food production methods.
Mapping the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Living Entrepreneurship
Mapping the Entrepreneurial Spirit » What makes certain places more entrepreneurial than others?
Keeping It In The Family
Living Entrepreneurship
Keeping It In The Family » My two sisters and I have always had the family business itch, but it took a few years—and a pregnancy—to come up with the right idea.
Accounting for Entrepreneurship Inside
Living Entrepreneurship
Accounting for Entrepreneurship Inside » Entrepreneurship and accounting are rarely, if ever, discussed together in the same sentence. PricewaterhouseCoopers, with more than 180,000 employees spread across 158 countries, is happy to change that perception.
Entrepreneur-Friendly Immigration Reform
Living Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur-Friendly Immigration Reform » Immigration is a hot-button issue but, whatever their feelings about comprehensive immigration reform, business leaders and advocates are pushing the message that the political snarl over immigration is hurting American business by preventing the world’s best and brightest from working here.
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part III
Living Entrepreneurship
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part III » How can you measure job creation when it’s a moving target, and what effect does policy in one area (healthcare) has on another (job creation)?
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part II
Living Entrepreneurship
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part II » If you use the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business employing fewer than 500 people, 98% of business establishments are small.
Stripped Down Business School
Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders
Stripped Down Business School » What if business students arrived on campus already equipped with business fundamentals—the subjects of large review classes such as basic accounting, financial modeling, and marketing? How might business colleges, stripped of the need to provide everyone with a baseline of skills, still attract business-minded students?
Boston Rising: Uncovering the Hub’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Living Entrepreneurship
Boston Rising: Uncovering the Hub’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem » Boston proudly leads the nation in higher education, health care, and life science innovation. While Silicon Valley has earned its reputation as the hub of startup activity, Boston’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is steadily growing and thriving.