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Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and the Competitive Drive
Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and the Competitive Drive » Comparing an entrepreneur pitching her business idea to an Olympic athlete might feel like a stretch, but it shouldn’t. Competition can be a way of life regardless of the outlet.
A New Definition of Success
A New Definition of Success » Losing a dear aunt to cancer helped Kelly Murphy Greeley realize that her career could be more meaningful and fulfilling if she were working for a cause.
Accounting for Entrepreneurship Inside
Accounting for Entrepreneurship Inside » Entrepreneurship and accounting are rarely, if ever, discussed together in the same sentence. PricewaterhouseCoopers, with more than 180,000 employees spread across 158 countries, is happy to change that perception.
Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player
Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player » While much is made of the critical importance of finding a mentor, the term can seem as broad as the spectrum of human relationships.
The Startup of You
The Startup of You » For today’s young adults, the old-fashioned career ladder concept simply doesn’t make sense. To be successful, Millennials must think of themselves as entrepreneurs, regardless of career path.
The New Rules of Mentoring
The New Rules of Mentoring » One mentor is not enough in today’s career environment. All professionals should create and maintain a developmental network—a set of people at different levels both within and outside of your workplace that assists you in your personal and professional development. E-mentoring is not only a viable tool to help you do this, but it also could be your most effective one.