Determined to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution? Wish Route Is With You


Do you wish you were able to keep your New Year’s resolution going throughout the year? Jessica Lynch ’13, M’14, MBA’17 encountered what she called a “wish epidemic” while studying for her third Babson College degree: an MBA.

“I noticed that everyone I talked to woke up each day with good intentions, but life would get in the way,” says Lynch. She heard constantly, “I wish I had more time to go to the gym” or “I wish I had meal prepped.”

This is where Wish Route was born.

Your Accountability Pal

Wish Route is an accountability service that provides you with a fun and delightful path to your wellness ambition. It is an unconditional friend and accountability buddy. Through individualized daily support, Wish Route helps you build healthy habits around exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

This isn’t your typical “log all your calories and steps” type of app. Wish Route is human-powered, tech-enabled, and has real people who are supporting you behind the app. The goal is to feel supported in achieving manageable, realistic changes to your habits—one change at a time.

The best part? As you continue to achieve your goals, you earn points, and the Wish Route team rewards you with prizes. Just as a great friend is proud of your accomplishments, so is Wish Route.

A Day in the Life

Wish Route offers three “routes” on the platform: exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. Within each route are multiple tracks such as walking or running outside, meal plan and prep, and different types of meditation. This gives users lots of variety on how they can continue to improve their health and wellness one change at a time.

Here is an example of what using Wish Route looks like for a user, according to Lynch:

“Krissy, a working mother of two, signed up for the exercise route because she hadn’t been making time to exercise but wished she was walking outside or working out at home three days a week. She told us she had a yoga mat and hand weights and loves business podcasts.

“We sent Krissy a text three days a week with a workout suggestion to inspire and remind her to work out. One morning we sent her a new business-related podcast episode to download before she walked; another [morning] a 15-minute strength-focused YouTube video to do at home, and on the third [day] a mobile app suggestion that matches music and walking pace so Krissy could mix up her routine.

“At the end of each day we texted Krissy, asking her if she exercised. If she did our suggestion, or something of her own choosing, then she would earn a point. On days Krissy didn’t fit in her workout, the Wish Route team was there to encourage her and help her start again the next day.

“Over time, Krissy’s points added up to surprise gifts like healthy snacks and exercise bands, which she received in the mail. As Krissy progressed she decided to sign up for a gym membership and we sent her ideas to try at the gym; and once she was in a healthy exercise routine, she decided to switch to the nutrition route and work on meal planning and prepping, so she could streamline the time she spent cooking for her kids.”

The Journey

Even in the entrepreneurial culture that is Babson, Lynch didn’t start her own business right away. She graduated and went on to work at PwC in forensic services, and then started her own consulting company, Brightness Consulting. It had been her goal since she was a little kid, however, to found her own startup ultimately.

Lynch has always had a passion for health and wellness, and through her experiences in Babson’s MBA program, she felt compelled to start Wish Route. She wakes up every day with a passion and drive to make real change in people’s lives.

“With every bone of my body, I just know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Paying It Forward

Lynch spends many of her days mentoring other entrepreneurs on her specialty, pushing past mental or physical blocks. This shows how Lynch’s work is truly a reflection of who she is, a natural motivator and supporter.

“I think I’m really good at helping people get unstuck, whether in business or in health,” says Lynch. “Challenging people’s mentality, I feel really fulfilled when I give someone the tools to help themselves.”

Lynch has become a go-to resource for many other Babson businesses that are looking to get off the ground. This summer Lynch participated in the Babson Summer Venture Program, where she continued to build her network. “The resources were huge and it was amazing hands-on help,” says Lynch. “It is incredible to have David Chang in your corner.”

Are you looking this year to stay motivated in your goals and keep your New Year’s resolution? Wish Route is here to be with you every step of the way.

“You don’t need to start January 1, January 2. Any Monday, every new morning, is a way to get up and start something different,” says Lynch. “Any good decision is worth doing.”

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