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For the UAE, a New Approach to Sustaining Family Business
For the UAE, a New Approach to Sustaining Family Business » What's the key to sustaining family businesses and catalyzing transitions between generations? It starts with shifting to a family entrepreneurship mindset.
Can Entrepreneurship Reduce Recidivism? This Babson Professor Says Yes
Can Entrepreneurship Reduce Recidivism? This Babson Professor Says Yes » How can we reduce the exorbitant rate of recidivism in the United States? Babson Professor Elizabeth Swanson believes entrepreneurship is the answer.
Entrepreneurship: An American Obsession?
Entrepreneurship: An American Obsession? » Thirty million Americans are starting new businesses, and the majority of U.S. adults see good entrepreneurial opportunities around them, according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report.
Launching a Career: 5 Ways Women Can Get Ahead at Work
Launching a Career: 5 Ways Women Can Get Ahead at Work » Looking to get ahead at work? Susan Duffy, executive director of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College, will walk you through what you need to do to get to the next level.
Facing the Ethics of AI
Facing the Ethics of AI » Professor Clare Gillan and Craig Wing MBA'10 both voice concerns about the brave new ethical dilemmas posed by AI and other emerging technologies—as well as hope that such technologies will ultimately lead to a more equitable future.
Let’s Get Certified
Let’s Get Certified » Babson Assistant Professor of Marketing Richard Hanna outlines the pros, cons, and how to for integrating professional certifications into the classroom.
Lessons Learned from Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
Lessons Learned from Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries » One might expect that women entrepreneurs in higher-income countries would be more likely to start up a new business than those in lower-income countries, given both relative measures of societal gender equality and how easily women in each location can access resources. But new research tells us a different story.
How to Become a Resonant Leader
How to Become a Resonant Leader » Associate Professor Scott Taylor's research on resonant leaders explores how they develop connections with others and create a positive emotional tone within their teams and organizations.
What is Social Impact?
What is Social Impact? » How do you create economic and social value simultaneously? It takes a culture that sees differently, thinks differently, and acts differently. It requires a mindset that cultivates breakthrough interactions to activate and scale positive social impact.
All About Angel Investors
All About Angel Investors » Angels are private investors who want to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. And they are a critical component of thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, providing the necessary financing to help founders get moving. Kevin Colleran ’03 and Babson Professor Zach Zacharakis share their insight into the world of angel investing.