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How to Become an Objective Entrepreneur

People underestimate the power of their minds. Elizabeth Thornton, a Babson College professor, entrepreneur, and author of The Objective Leader, is a firm believer that perception is reality. “Your world exists in your mind,” she says, “which is amazing because that gives you the power to change your mind, change your business, and change your…

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Changing the Status Quo in Venture Capital

Venture Capital Gender Cap

Imagine you’re one of the founding executives at a promising new software company. You’ve already built and sold two other companies, gaining valuable experience and skills. Together with your co-founders, you’ve steered this company to early success—it’s enjoying sustained growth, robust sales, and a strong valuation in the marketplace. Your office space is in a…

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Writing the Book on Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value

When Cheryl Kiser began teaching a graduate course called Social Value Creation Matters three years ago, neither she nor her students could have predicted that their classroom discussions were laying the groundwork for a book. Kiser, the executive director of The Lewis Institute and Babson Social Innovation Lab, brought executives from both large and small…

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A Worthless, Impossible, & Stupid Recipe for Policy Success

Daniel Isenberg

Can an inspirational story catalyze a business or kick-start a career? Yes, argues Babson Executive Education professor and author Daniel Isenberg. With Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value, Isenberg has broken the traditional business book mold. Instead of case studies and statistics, he highlights the personal stories of 26…

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Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player

Mentor Mentee

Ask entrepreneurs to describe their mentors and you’ll hear the words adviser, advocate, backer, believer, consultant, coach, confessor, critic, cheerleader … straight through the alphabet to zealot. While much is made of the critical importance of finding a mentor, the term can seem as broad as the spectrum of human relationships. “In the best case,…

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How an Alpine Adventure Inspired a Business


What can the Matterhorn, a 14,000-foot alpine peak, teach an entrepreneur about running a business? For Roger Beaudoin, the lessons he has learned scaling the Swiss Alps and rappelling down mountains closer to his New England home have had a far-reaching influence. “Starting a business and climbing a mountain both require a sense of adventure,…

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How to Ape Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki might balk at the label Legendary Marketing Guru, but his 1.2 million social media followers are voting with their tweets—his writing on marketing, evangelizing, social media, and more spreads far and wide. Recipient of an honorary doctorate from Babson College, Kawasaki was the original Apple chief evangelist and has written 12 books, including…

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The Power of PR

Startup & Small Business PR: Entrepreneurship of All Kinds

In business and in newsrooms, timing is everything. Just ask Sanjay Kamlani and David Perla, co-founders of legal outsourcing firm Pangea3 and managing directors at 1991 Ventures. Several years ago, Thomson Reuters was negotiating with Kamlani and Perla to acquire their company. On the morning of a big meeting in New York City with senior…

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The Sharing Economy


“The best ideas are the ones that have been around for a long time,” says Babson Professor of Information Technology Management Bala Iyer. “We are still solving problems that were important to us a hundred years ago because technology allows us to solve them in a new way.” Iyer’s observation is the starting point for…

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Got a Great Idea? Prove It

Young woman smiling for the camera

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who lacks ideas? Neither have I. The trick is committing to the right idea. Entrepreneurs by temperament are gushing wells of inspiration—new businesses, new solutions to old problems, and new approaches. In those first bursts of imagination, an opportunity appears suddenly obvious, even if the path to success will…

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