Author: Shannon Sweeny

Shannon Sweeny

Shannon Sweeny is the public relations specialist at Babson College. Shannon writes blog content and press releases for the college, promoting student and alumni entrepreneurs, faculty research and projects and program development. Her writing has been featured on’s various career sites and Positively Smitten. She is also the co-founder and company director of the movement company Paradise Lost: A Movement Collective. Sweeny earned her undergraduate degree in political and social communications from Emerson College and is currently an MBA candidate at Babson.

The Key to Economic Growth? Local Entrepreneurship

Daniel Isenberg

Can entrepreneurship save economies? The answer is yes, says Daniel Isenberg. In fact, fostering entrepreneurship has helped stimulate economic development around the world. It starts with how you define it. “When talking about the impact of entrepreneurship on economies you must define entrepreneurship as the rapid growth of local firms,” said Isenberg. “When you use…

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Failure: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Yasu Yamakawa, Dr. Failure

We’ve all heard the stories—Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, Oprah was let go from her first television job, and Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school multiple times. These stories tell us that from great failure can come great success. But, can it work for the general public or is this just something that…

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