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Doug Hardy is an award-winning writer, editor, and content strategist focused on management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and human capital topics as well as narrative nonfiction. He is the author or co-author of nine books and scores of online and offline articles. After years in book and magazine publishing, Hardy moved online in 1993, leading online editorial groups at The New York Times Magazine Company,, and ATT New Media. He is a veteran speaker to business and consumer gatherings, and a content marketing consultant as well as a certified career coach.

The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part III


Editor’s Note: This post is part of our ongoing series on job creators. In Part III, we discuss how to measure job creation when it’s a moving target, and the effect policy in one area (healthcare) has on another (job creation). Job Creation in a Dynamic Economy America’s economy creates and destroys jobs all the…

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The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part II

job creators

Editor’s Note: This post is part of our ongoing series on job creators. What follows in Part II is a waist-deep wade through which businesses, in terms of industry and size, are creating the most jobs today. SOME OFFICIAL STATISTICS WARNING: This article contains data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All data represent a…

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The Sharing Economy


“The best ideas are the ones that have been around for a long time,” says Babson Professor of Information Technology Management Bala Iyer. “We are still solving problems that were important to us a hundred years ago because technology allows us to solve them in a new way.” Iyer’s observation is the starting point for…

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Got a Great Idea? Prove It

Young woman smiling for the camera

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who lacks ideas? Neither have I. The trick is committing to the right idea. Entrepreneurs by temperament are gushing wells of inspiration—new businesses, new solutions to old problems, and new approaches. In those first bursts of imagination, an opportunity appears suddenly obvious, even if the path to success will…

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Stripped Down Business School

Profile of a mid adult woman reclining on a couch using a laptop

Editor’s Note: “Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders” includes an ongoing examination of the changes facing business education globally. This article explores the large forces that are driving those changes. The university is 925 years old, and until recently its hegemony on higher education was absolute. If you needed a degree, you packed your bags and moved to…

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Selling Disruption

Businessmen pushing a man on a cart up a growth chart

Babson Professor of Marketing David Hennessey defines disruption in business as changing markets by “doing something in a significantly different way.” To an entrepreneur, the word implies a leap into a new paradigm for a product or service. Companies that start with a what if? attitude have grown to disrupt industries large and small, from…

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A Profile of Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network was born in reaction to the standard model of philanthropy. Pierre and Pamela Omidyar founded eBay in September 1995. Less than four years later, their share of the now-public company was worth $3 billion, and they had passed the reins of running the company to others. The head-snapping speed of their success, and…

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Octopus, Social Innovation, and the Power of Narrative

Andrew Zimmern

How is a guy famous for eating raw dogfish fetus and sautéed goose intestine on television helping the Food Sol initiative of Babson’s Lewis Institute inspire solutions for food-related social problems? On campus in October 2012 for Babson’s Food Day, Andrew Zimmern palms a can of Diet Red Bull while he describes the power of…

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Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I


Social Investing For The Masses Ten years ago, social investing pioneers such as Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Skoll used their Internet-derived wealth to create a new type of foundation, one that would invest in entrepreneurs whose goal was relieving social problems with business methods. These entrepreneurs capitalized their innovations with a single source of wealth…

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Social Intrapreneurship: A Conversation with Cheryl Kiser and Kevin Thompson

African Child Getting a Vaccine

The term Social Intrapreneurship has been cropping up lately. The Ashoka Changemakers announced a League of Intrapreneurs in September, universities are studying the practice, and intrapreneurs at companies as diverse as Ford, Nestle, Intel, Dell, and Kraft have attracted attention in the business press. We asked Cheryl Yaffe Kiser, director of Babson’s Lewis Institute, and…

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